Think And Grow Rich: The Carnegie Wealth Secret

by follett79 on December 11, 2010

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Think and grow rich

Andrew Carnegie

Think And Grow Rich, Finding The Carnegie Wealth Secret

In the authors preface of “Think And Grow Rich” Napoleon Hill states that the Carnegie Wealth Secret appears at least once in every chapter. It is interesting that different successful people who read the book often come up with different answers of what that secret is. Hill goes on to say:

As a final word of preparation, before you begin the first chapter, may I offer one brief suggestion which may provide a clue by which the Carnegie secret may be recognized? It is this–ALL ACHIEVEMENT, ALL EARNED RICHES, HAVE THEIR BEGINNING IN AN IDEA! If you are ready for the secret, you already possess one half of it, therefore, you will readily recognize the other half the moment it reaches your mind.

Something that you can easily pick up in every chapter, and the answer most given as to what the Carnegie Wealth Secret is: “see yourself,” or “visualize. ” See yourself where you want to be even before you are physically there. Napoleon Hill didn’t make it easy, and yet it is there in plain sight.

Just Where Is The Secret Hidden In Think and Grow Rich

Did you pick visualization or a different answer? Have you read “Think And Grow Rich” and come away scratching your head, wondering what the secret was?

What we find is even those successful people who give an answer other than visualization, when questioned, do in fact perform visualization related to their goals. All of them picked up the idea of a goals list and of reviewing it regularly. Many of them say the secret is “Written Goals.” Written goals are certainly important, but it’s what they do with that goals list that matters. When they review it they begin to see the completion of those goals in their minds. So without exception each one performs visualization.

Most highly successful people see their success in their minds before they see it in reality. The kind of success might be wealth, love, sports, but always the most successful “see it” first.

Dennis Waitley is the author of “The Seeds of Greatness” and many other books. He is also a success coach who has coached Astronauts for NASA and athletes for the US Olympic teams. He talks about visualization too. He points out that athletes who visualize perform significantly better than those who don’t and that it is measurable. It is something that you can see benefits from very soon. Another way he puts it is, “do within while you’re without.” I love that.

Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill

The Visualization Process In Think and Grow Rich

In chapters 3 and 4 of think and grow rich Hill lays out  a visualization strategy whereby you read a statement of your definite cheif aim in life.   You read it with emotion morning and night.  This is a most effective method of embedding your desires deep in your subconcious mind and activating the law of attraction.  Here are the recordings of chapter 3:

And here is chapter 4.

Chapter 4

These are the critical chapters in Think and Grow Rich for infuencing your subconcious mind.

You can find the complete text of Think And Grow Rich here.  Find out for yourself why it is attributed to creating more millionaires than any other success book in history.

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