Claim Your Birthright: The Law of Attraction

by Mike Griffin on April 9, 2009

by Michael Griffin

What Is My Birthright?

If your parents did it right when you were a child they would have told you how wonderful you were and created dreams and visions and goals in you. They would have started you off on the law of attraction by setting some great vibrations into motion. Your parents would have used word pictures to describe the limitless heights you could achieve as you grew and became an adult. This is our birthright to have the vision in our minds as we grow so there is a natural progression into living the law of attraction (more on this progression later).

The tradition goes back to Biblical times and beyond. In the days of the Patriarchs one child or another was always getting some sort of blessing handed down and those blessings manifested in various ways in their lives. (Some studies discuss Abraham’s blessing received directly from God Himself and about how that is our blessing too. But that is not our topic here, perhaps in another post.)

The father would touch the child and speak the blessing which included not only an inheritance but also a vision of what that child would attain. And so the child had the first element of the law of attraction for which he was grateful, a blessing was and is real. Following naturally from the blessing comes the fountain of ideas that both pour out of and are collected by our minds concerning the vision, and this is the second element of the law of attraction. What remains is the third element: the child takes action. And all of this causes him to take action in a bold way to bring the vision to pass. Such bold action brings the universe into harmony and causes it to conspire with him to bring it to pass.

These three things are our birthright; these three things are also the components of the law of attraction.

The Law of Attraction (Vibration Set Into Motions)

With a clear vision from the blessing and not doubting these stories played out and the visions came to pass. One of Abraham’s blessings was to become a great nation (Gen 12:1-3). Abraham held this vision and it was fulfilled and it was a vision so powerful that it passed on to the following generations. Abraham had been called Abram to the point of this blessing and from the time of the blessing on his name was changed to Abraham. In Hebrew Abraham meant “father of many nations.” So the vision was not only one nation but many nations.

So Abraham was given a vision and he was given a mantra if you will. His name was a constant reminder of the vision. The vision and his very name set the vibrations of the law of attraction into motion.

Although Abraham and his wife were old they had a child (Abraham also had a child with his wife’s maid). And so were born Issac and Ishmael. Without getting into theology both sons went on to be fathers of great nations. And we see a great vision not only providing purpose for the one receiving it but in this case passing through and inspiring his children and their children on into the generations and still continuing today.

This is a tradition that is common in all religious traditions, in all belief systems. Some how we’ve lost the meaning that was attached to the events and they have become meaningless stories for most of us rather than rich stories with a multitude of meanings intended to strike a different chord in each of us so we can each find our unique vibration.

The Science of Getting Rich

We forget this birthright that is part of us and which was passed to us through the generations. Setting the law of attraction into motion is as timeless as the Bible. In other posts I’ve described how it is in fact a natural in-built instinctive process that most of us lose contact with as we grow up. The law of attraction is our birthright but most of us have been robbed and we will continue to be robbed until we can accept that such a simple idea, such a simple series of steps can profoundly alter our lives to the good.

The Science of Getting Rich can help you reclaim your birthright. From the above discussion you will recognize that the book does not create a truth or a law, but rather it recognizes it, it points it out in a very clear way so that it becomes again accessible to those who would receive it, those who would receive their birthright.

The Science of Getting Rich will help you free your thinking to allow you to again harmonize with natural law for happiness, success, and the good things in life that are your birthright. These things are your birthright but you must claim them from the inside.

The ball is in your court – you are about to tap knowledge that will take you to new levels but only if you make it a part of yourself and act on it. Your birthright is to attract and manifest. It was born into you take charge, take responsibility from this time on and claim it.

How Can I Claim My Birthright?

Begin to follow the three simple steps: vision, ideas, action. The Science of Getting Rich will help build faith in you that it really is that simple. It will help you remove the limits of what you suppose might be possible. Since your parents probably didn’t provide the blessing, the vision, The Science of Getting Rich will help you find the inspiration (the spirit within) that will help you create or perhaps just discover a vision that is worthy of you, worthy of your life, and a vision that will create such vibrations that will perhaps span the countless generations who will follow you.

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Nancy Wylde April 9, 2009 at 8:32 am

when I read this post – particularly of the blessings that a parent spoke to a child, I could not help but recall how this was something I grew up with in my household. From generation to generation my family has passed on this tradition of the blessing of the children. My grandmother continually speaks blessings upon her children, my mother upon hers and I upon mine. Thanks for this post. It serves to remind us as parents that this ‘blessing’ that we pass onto our children is something forgotton and still so very important. The Patriarchs certainly understood its purpose and importance.

Attracting Wealth April 9, 2009 at 1:18 pm


Great post. We were all born extremely wealthy. You only need to observe a child to realize this. We had fun and frequently manifested exactly what we wanted. We let go and enjoyed life.

But then we “had to grow up.”

The most happy and successful people are able to maintain the level of child-life faith which is necessary for proper manifestation.

Thanks for sharing your LOA insight 🙂


Legitimate Internet Business April 9, 2009 at 5:16 pm

This was a really great post. I like your writing style

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