Bob Proctor Teaches: Breaking Thru The Terror Barrier

by Mike Griffin on January 23, 2016

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. What you are afraid of can stop you cold. Learn to pass this fear and succeed bigger than you would believe. Bob Proctor teaches you to master fear and take your life to a new level. Learn to shift your paradigm .


Rod Taylor Of Time Machine Fame Dies

by Mike Griffin on January 9, 2015

Rod Taylor was in a ton of great movies including Hotel, Hitchcocks The Birds, and one of my all time favorites The Time Machine.

I remember going to school after seeing “The Time Machine”: on NBC TV back in the 60’s and everyone was talking about it. What books did he take back with him when he used the Time Machine to go back to the future? It was a mind opening adventure movie.

So you see, Michael J Fox was not the first to go “Back to The Future.” Do you remember watching this on network TV? What books do you think he took. Almost every one said the Bible, but what others?

RIP Rod Taylor, thanks for the great movies and making a 12 year old really think.

The Time Machine

The Time Machine (1960) 1/2 by heapsoflovehide

The Time Machine (1960) 2/2 by heapsoflovehide

The Birds actor Rod Taylor dies aged 84… as former co-star Tippi Hedren pays tribute to her ‘great pal’

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